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Comment on "Nearly-Invincible Powerbook"
by John Doe — Apr 05
My old 800MHz iBook G4 died a horrible death.

It had insurrance on it and I terribly wanted a new, faster one. I loved that machine and had a really hard time killing it off as needed to get myself another. I went to seethe friend of mine who had first suggested the scheme and told him I wanted it done quickly.. He proposed we took a closer look at his basement floor out of concrete and so we did.. I knew there'd be no turning back after giving it the first punch and took my time starting the procedure. Finally I grabbed the beautiful white machine, raised it over my head and slammed it as hard as possible into the hard grey floor. Nothing seemed to happen.. I repeated this about ten times before taking a look at it again. This was when I found the screen had cracked, but was still working. Everything else seemed intact. Didn't test the optical, but it didn't look to have any damage. By now I was pretty frustrated. I grabbed the iBook again and gave it 10-20 more throws. By now the screen was totalled and the optical seemed to be in about the same state. I pushed the power button and heard a familiar sound. It was still alive! Finally I jumped on it until theres was just about no more iBook left.

All of this was one of the worst experiences ever. I wasn't impressed with my own morals, but at least I had learned a thing or two about the iBook and it's roughness. These days I live with a new model and try not to think about my first love, but every now and then I wake up at night with a heavy sweat screaming out "iBoooook!!!"
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