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Comment on "Nearly-Invincible Powerbook"
by Zed — Apr 05
I used to work as a Mac Genius, and I still work as a Mac tech. I've seen worse that were also functional, and better that were not. It depends on where the damage is.

If you look at the photo above, most of the bending is in the front portion, where the drives are. There's a certain amount of empty space there that acts as a buffer during impacts, like a car fender. There's also a little empty space above and below the logic board, for heat dissipation.

Based on my 10+ years experience fixing Macs at one job or another, I see no reason to doubt that we are looking at an unaltered photo .

iBooks in particular survive fairly well, I've seen one that was thrown from the top of a moving car going at highway speeds that still worked. There was a Powerbook G3 that went through a house fire, right next to the couch that was burning, and survived because the dock it was plugged into protected the ports from the flame.

Titaniums, on the other hand, tend to shatter, but unless the board gets cracked, they also can often be used. I've seen a Titanium that was also run over by a SUV (don't know the make). It had been in a backpack leaning against the front wheel when the driver decided to back out, pulling the bag under the wheel. That one did not survive, it actually looked like an exploded view diagram.

So to those who think the image above has been Photoshopped - try working as a repair tech sometime and watch what comes into your queue.
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