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Comment on "Second Look at Boot Camp Landscape"
by Happy — Apr 22
We're at the point that many at Apple truly feared -- developers quitting the Mac market. Look carefully and you can see a seismic shift among Mac game developers (or more precisely, those who've made a living porting Windows apps to the Mac).

I understand that Apple isn't interested, but this is an opportune moment to reintroduce Yellow Box development to permit properly coded Cocoa apps to run in Windows.

Why? I'd suggest that Apple needs more Mac developers. The increasing ease of running Windows on Mac boxes, either through dual-boot or virtualization, makes it easier for Windows programmers to ignore the Mac market, and easier for large multi-OS developers to let their Mac development stagnate (as long as Mac users can run their apps in Windows).

Pushing Cocoa cross-platform will sell programming tools, introduce more programmers to OS X, sell a few more Macs, and enable Mac programmers to get some sales to Windows boxes. It helps keep programmers in the Macosphere, helps them make more money, and introduces new programmers.
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