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Comment on "Second Look at Boot Camp Landscape"
by kevin — Apr 22
you wrote : Apple has made Windows itself easier to use

Can you elborate? The only thing I see is the dynamic partitioning. How else has Apple made Windows easier to use? Jack needs attention?

With regard to the "seismic shift" of game developers : I suspect that porting a game from intel to intel is notably different from porting from intel to powerpc.

I've noticed that Mac users care about their applications. Quick and dirty ports from Windows are generally shunned. Look at how many *nix command line programs are given a Mac front end that supports drag and drop. Good Mac applications are celebrated.

Look at the death of Classic on Intel Macs : most people don't seem to care. (I think it is tragic. Does anyone think that Basisilk will ever be rootless with drag & drop? Worse is that Apple could have ported Classic to work on Rosetta but chose not to) It is fascinating to look at the number of Classic apps I have replaced with Carbon or Cocoa apps. I can't think of any Classic apps that I use that doesn't have an carbon or Cocoa alternative avaliable.
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