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Comment on "Objective-C Garbage Collection: Take 2"
by Dale — May 11
I'm not sure I agree with Rosyna's assertion that Bindings "did almost everything for cocoa devs, cocoa devs thought it was great" or that it decreases "Cocoa's barrier to entry".

Bindings requires a good understanding of MVC and certainly doesn't do everything (as Scott notes). You can't just use it to whip up a release-ready app like a RealBasic or VB6 programmer could.

I think it's more of an impediment to newbie programmers starting out 'cause it increases the learning curve.

Core Data's the same.

It appears to me that Apple are actually increasing the quality of third-party apps and their platform by providing a solid foundation for development/developers.

However, Objective C garbage collection won't necessarily be the same. It won't require a learning curve. But it won't result in a flood a garbage apps as Rosyna fears. It will very likely only be available to 10.5 and this limits its application.
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