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Comment on "What Would a 2006 Leopard Mean to Vista?"
by lookmark — May 11
70%?? If Apple ever reaches 7% U.S., 4% worldwide, it'll be a accomplishment of epic proportions.

I do think that Apple has been holding out for Vista for its first big visual/UI refresh of the OS, and will be using the technologies it introduced in Tiger, esp. Spotlight and CoreImage, in much, much deeper and pervasive ways. As you say, this is Apple's big opportunity, and their chance to siphon some of the intense media attention on Vista (which will inevitably compare Vista and OS X) toward the idea of getting a Mac instead.

I'm also hoping for much much more, actually. I think it's time for things like gestural UI and much improved speech recognition to *complement* (not replace) the familar point-and-click WIMP interface. But we'll see how much Apple is able to pull off, at least for this release.

At the very least, there will be at least one dramatic oooooooooooh feature. ; )
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