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Comment on "What Would a 2006 Leopard Mean to Vista?"
by Scott Stevenson — May 12
Call me a pessimist, but I don't really see how the quality and features of Leopard or (the lack of) them in Vista would really matter the big picture.

That is the essence of pessimism, yes. In that world view, there's no reason for Apple (or really anyone) to develop products which compete with Windows or Office. What a mess. Yet, Apple and others do, so there might actually be a good reason. Apple doesn't need to topple Microsoft to improve their standing significantly.

they would still have the huge, constant stream of income from their Windows and Office products

So why are they concerned about Google, or iPod? I never said Microsoft was going to go out of business. My point is that Apple could gain the psychological advantage of mindshare to move to the next phase. I don't agree with the idea that this wouldn't matter to Microsoft at all. Microsoft's business rests on their perception that they are the leading force in technology.

Apple doesn't even need to double marketshare, it just has to make significant strides in key markets. There was a time not too long ago when it looked like Windows would never penetrate the server market against Unix.
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