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Comment on "Overall Impression of E3 2006"
by Daniel Lyons — May 12
By no stretch of the imagination am I a gamer, yet this week for the first time in probably a decade, I bought myself a game: Final Fantasy IV Advance. Looking back on my life, there have probably been ten or so video games that were "worthy," and they were all on Nintendo systems (except a few Dreamcast and Descent on the PC).

Sony has been a conundrum for some time. They keep pushing their own bizarro closed hardware (memory stick, mini disc, etc.) and now their console is expensive but not making anyone go "wow." Very strange.

What's equally strange is that Microsoft is doing so marginally when hemorrhaging money. Maybe it's because they're pretty up-front about Xbox being a strategy for taking complete control over your living room.

This is all very odd, especially to me as an outsider.
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