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Comment on "Objective-C Garbage Collection: Take 2"
by Ken — May 13
[em]The easier it is for a developer to focus on his good idea and not nagging implementation details, the better[/em]
Exactly. This is so important its not even funny. This is why cocoa does better than anything out there right now, even with semi-manual memory management. Now if it gets a garbage collector, all apple really is doing is changing the official memory management policy to something better. Coredata, Bindings, Key-Value Coding, NSView/NSEvent etc is just the standard apple-approved way to set up MVC in cocoa thats all.

I like it better now, then before where it was basically target-action and do-it-all-yourself and you had to decide how an app works in many fundamental ways... now its more like we have to worry only about how it logically architected. This is basically what webobjects devs have had since forever btw. And if you still wanna roll-you-own everything in cocoa or obj-c you can still do it.
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