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by MJ — May 17
The integrated graphics bothers me but I won't make a final decision until I see one - which will likely be in a couple of weeks anyway.

I want a smaller laptop with min 1200x800 resolution. I just don't see why, to get a smaller machine, we have to sacrifice quite so much. I'd have been happy with a 1.6 GHz Core Duo, but the Integrated Graphics is a real downer especially when you look at the specifications of the machine. It's solid.

The most telling and most disappointing thing?

The line is complete. There will be no subnote.
We've gone from five models (2 sizes of iBook, 3 sizes of Powerbook) to 3 models (1 MacBook and 2 MacBook Pro models). I'd have hoped that there would have been some room for flexibility?

I guess we have to now wait for Apple's "one more thing" in the portable line. Is this going to be a "high end" iPod or do you think they will revisit tablets. Tablet-based computing has been a total hash here and Microsoft's attempt to make it more accessible with the UMPC has shown they are just so far behind the usability curve - it ain't funny.

I'm dissatisfied with my MacBook Pro. I was just ready for a MacBook. Pity.
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