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Comment on "Tom Yager Oversells Open Kernel Issues"
by Alastair Tse — May 17
@Joshua: If you search CoreFoundation open source you'll find it. It's named as CF.

I have a few thoughts about today's hoo-ha about the x86 source disappearing that I haven't really organised properly. As I'm pretty sure tomorrow morning I have to explain to the many Mac non-believers at work what it means.

The kernel source available is quite important for anyone who wants to do some innovative stuff at the system level. Not all innovation happens above libc, for instance psuedo file systems like webdav, etc. If you look at the sample code for creating new file systems provided by apple developer's site, it is barely working. In fact, you actually have to go into the kernel source to find some examples of sane FS implementations. I'm sure there are numerous other examples. As long as the API's are well documented and all the quirks are demonstrated by GOOD sample code, then I wouldn't think it is much of an issue.

More importantly, the PPC sources are still there, and if Apple continues to update them for 10.5, then I think that would be useful for a large portion of the driver writing community.

It sucks to be a hobbyist tinkerer like me, but for serious developers and commercial developers, they'd probably have different avenues of getting driver coding support.
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