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by Jussi — May 17
The MacBook looks like a good step forward design wise. They actually made Macbook quite like 12" Powerbook in a slightly bigger white casing. DVI, dual head, audio in; the ways they used to cripple iBook are gone.

The main concerns seem to be the glossy display and GPU. I don't se any possibility to go worse than the crappy 12" screen of iBooks and PowerBooks or the ATI 9200[1] and GeForce Go5200, of which are slow and hot, respectively. I'm watching at the screen right now, it's awful in many ways, almost anything else is better.

This leaves just the 512MB issue at table and that I must agree with. 512 MB is not enough even for the entry level Intel Macs, which seem to need even more memory than PPC macs, even without taking Rosetta or shared graphics memory in consideration.

MacBook surely looks quite good, but I'll wait for Core Duo 2 and at least the Rev.B. By the way, where is the Macbook *Mini*? Apple needs a real subnotebook, I've been waiting for it years, because I've got no muscles nor need to carry the optical drive with me where ever I go :)

[1] I will not comment the GPU of last iBook as I've not tried it.
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