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by Ken — May 19
I think the 13" is adequate for Japan.
Oh I agree, 13 size is fine. I just think its the weight and some of the thickness is a point to watch (its almost as heavy as the 15"), thats all. People walk a lot more over there, and these things like weight and bulkiness do count...

IOW if you had the choice of a 1 kg 13" razor-thin laptop with no cd or a 3kg laptop thats a little chubby and has a cd, I think there's a good chance the 1kg one, if it had the same battery life as the heavier one, would sell very well. (Just look at how many people have all those mini dells (even if ugly) in coffee shops and campuses.)

I think eventually with TV and Movie downloads on the horizon, the optical disc format is gonna go like the floppy, when apple decides its going to jump with both feet, I would expect a killer laptop from them.
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