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Comment on "The Case for an Apple Photoshop Replacement"
by Matt — May 20
I would like to see a competitor to Photoshop but I think we must understand why there isn't a convincing competitor to Photoshop: it would be a mammoth implementation and design task.

Photoshop is popular as a kitchen sink of image-processing tools. It can do a huge number of things. It has integration with squillions of plug-ins. Every graphic designer on the planet is trained in it.

To develop a program capable of a large number of tasks and still make it feel wholistic and properly integrated is a nightmare of design. Photoshop does an excellent job of concealing (at the top level) the vast number of things it can do and yet they remain within two clicks or a menu at any time.

Sure, it doesn't feel 100% aqua wonderful but that is because it's trying to replicate the same feel on multiple platforms (another hideous thing to attempt).

I'm not defending everything about Photoshop just trying to point out how difficult I think designing and implementing a competitor would be.
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