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Comment on "The Case for an Apple Photoshop Replacement"
by Sean Murphy — May 20

I'm so glad you decided to write this post, mainly because I now realize I'm not alone in my dislike for the "Human Interface" aspect of so many of these monopolistic apps we depend on.

The fact that software from Microsoft and Adobe (especially the Macromedia suite) are a necessity, and do have such a stranglehold on me, is the only reason I keep using them. My productivity (and enjoyment) decreases the second I open one of these second-rate Mac citizens. These programs don't behave like anything else I use and my trained tendencies are all rendered incorrect.

I really wish Adobe and Microsoft would hire someone who uses and understands the way of Mac OS X and the design philosophy of Aqua, that could just inform them of how we, as Mac users, expect software to behave (and look). Mac users DO notice when an app is blindly converted into a cross-platform product.

From not obeying consistent system-wide keyboard shortcuts (End of line in Word uses the home/end keys, Photoshop's CMD-H doesn't hide by default, etc..) and lack of effort in interface design (Spell check icon in Word is pathetic and identical to its Windows counterpart), I'm so frustrated how creative and excellent software is ruined by a lack of coherent and elegant interface work.

Apple's philosophy of human interface design is outstanding, and when early MP3 players were a pain just to get music onto them, the iPod came along and introduced the "plug it in and sync." I hope they can do the same for the graphic design market, and take full advantage of the development paradise that is under the hood of Tiger.

BTW: I really enjoy all of your writing, and it feels like sometimes you've even read my mind.
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