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Comment on "The Case for an Apple Photoshop Replacement"
by Mr eel — May 20
I use Photoshop in my work as a web developer. It is one of the most loathed applications I have to use. Monolithic, slow, clunky interface, hidden functionality. It's weighted down by concepts that most users don't understand.

I would love to see something that rethinks the way we manipulate images, real time image processing via Core Image and a consistent and well thought out interface.

"Photoshop is popular as a kitchen sink of image-processing tools. It can do a huge number of things. "

A fair proportion of which most users have no need for. In this case I think term 'kitchen sink' is a negative. The core set of features that most users want is actually quite a bit smaller than what Photoshop currently offers.

In other words, a competitor doesn't need to replicate 100% of the functions in PS, only the 80% (or so) that most people use most of the time.

Thereafter, future versions could expand on the feature set to include all those niceties.

The only sticking point I see, is file compatibility. A replacement for PS would need to be able to open PS files, purely because it dominates the industry so completely. You couldn't avoid it.
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