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Comment on "The Case for an Apple Photoshop Replacement"
by Scott Stevenson — May 20
it would be a mammoth implementation and design task.

This is not a reason for Apple to not do it, and they wouldn't be starting from scratch in any case. There's some excellent API built into the OS for graphics manipulation, not to mention code that exists in Aperture, Keynote, and Pages.

Every graphic designer on the planet is trained in it.

And all computer operators used to use punchcards, yet here we are. :)

To develop a program capable of a large number of tasks and still make it feel wholistic and properly integrated is a nightmare of design.

Again, just because something is hard doesn't mean it shouldn't be done. Otherwise, what sort of ecosystem are we left with? We let applications like Photoshop go unchallenged because it's too complicated to make something better?

If we can put someone on the moon and map the human genome, I'm sure we, as a species, have the capacity to write a solid, native, modern graphic design tool for the Mac.

Photoshop does an excellent job of concealing (at the top level) the vast number of things it can do and yet they remain within two clicks or a menu at any time.

I strongly disagree. I think it's too awkward on the surface and non-intuitive and inconsistent when you dig down further. I've been using Photoshop for ten years, so this isn't just a first impression.

Sure, it doesn't feel 100% aqua wonderful but that is because it's trying to replicate the same feel on multiple platforms

Which is only a stronger argument for Apple to make something better.
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