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Comment on "The Case for an Apple Photoshop Replacement"
by Gavin — May 20
Don't forget that Apple is replacing AppleWorks with iWork. Although AppleWorks was somewhat consumer-focused, Keynote and Pages are top-notch competitors to PowerPoint and Word.

AppleWorks consisted of writing (Pages/Word), presentation (Keynote/PowerPoint), drawing (iPhoto,Photoshop), database (FileMaker Pro), and spreadsheet (Numbers[?]/Excel). Given the advent of Core Image and the updated vector tools in iWork, I fully expect to see Apple complete the suite of applications. Will it be iPhoto or something in-between iPhoto and Aperture?

Time will tell.

Incidentally, Apple must be careful of filling all of the gaps in the software spectrum. They most certainly don't want to dominate the field by producing every piece of software their customers use.
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