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Comment on "MacBook Hands-On Impressions"
by Andy Lee — May 21
Sigh. I'm so easy. I *could* have bought a *white* MacBook from MacConnection, thereby avoiding New York City's 8-plus% sales tax and Apple's $150 blackness tax. But I was at the New York Apple Store opening on Friday, and I got so intoxicated with Mac-infatuation when that I bought a *black* MacBook on the spot. I hardly felt the pain of those extra dollars needlessly flying out of my wallet, with Kevin Bacon at the register to my right and the three SNL chicks two registers to my left.

I like the keyboard and the matte plastic finish. I'd have preferred a non-glossy screen, but it's okay.

I feel dumb about paying the hefty sales tax; that was the price of instant gratification. The $150 blackness tax, it turns out I don't mind so much. It does look much better than the white IMO, and after all I'll be staring at the thing for hours every day. I'll try to tell myself I'm not paying a premium, it's just that white MacBook buyers get a discount.

At least I didn't buy a memory upgrade from Apple. I placed an order at MacSolutions for a 2GB upgrade -- $82 a chip.
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