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Comment on "New Super Mario Brothers DS"
by dc — May 25
I just got that game as a birthday gift for my friend. You are correct, it is seriously fun. It's nice that it's somewhat easier to play than some previous Mario games (I just played it on and off for about a half hour--DS sleeping roxx!--and got to the third world), but seems to have a lot of replay value at the same time. I can think of at least half a dozen possible secrets I noticed that I need to go check out.

I've been hoping for Nintendo to release an All-Stars style Mario compendium, adding 3D characters and wall-jumping, and the new Mario Bros. is just what the doctor [Mario] ordered. What with Bust-A-Move, Tetris, and some cool-looking LucasArts style adventure games out for the DS, I'm definitely thinking about picking up a Lite when they come out.

I was very skeptical about the DS when it first came out, and the touch/dual-screen aspects still seem somewhat underutilized in a lot of games, but I think it has definitely turned out to be a very solid portable system. I haven't played much PSP, and I do love the Metal Gear games (and Katamari! whyyy no Katamari for the DS....), but the DS is definitely the system I'd buy if I thought I needed to spend some money on games.
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