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Comment on "The Case for an Apple Photoshop Replacement"
by Theodore — Jun 07
I've been thinking the same thing for awhile now. Photoshop tries to wear too many hats, and although it's the best at doing what it does, that doesn't mean someone (Apple) couldn't do it better.

I believe Photoshop's major usage falls in to three categories (there could be more, but for simplicity, lets focus on these three): Photo retouching, Print Compositing and Web Compositing.

Tackling the first task - photo retouching is easy. There are several tools out there that let you do this - iPhoto and Aperture are the big ones on the Mac platform.

Second and third tasks - print and web compositing. These workflows are very different from the retouching workflow, and should have tools that are better suited to handle this.

I really wish Apple would buy Fireworks (and Freehand, but that's another article). Apple has shown what amazing stuff it can do with a good starting point from Macromedia (Final Cut was a Macromedia app originally before Apple bought it). Fireworks has a strong featureset for web compositing, and with Apple's touch, it could get the interface up to snuff.
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