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Comment on "MacBook Pro is a Solid Machine"
by Jesper — Jun 26
I'm a bit worried by your statements. Very plainly, enough people are having a host of several problems too widely spread to be explained by happening "after purchase". Hopefully you're not denying that there exist issues (beyond the whine) that are real, pressing, unacceptable issues needing to be fixed. I see no conflict in acknowledging the superiority in the functioning part of the machine while confessing that problems do exist and are not made up or statistical deviations.

However, as any reasonable person would, I agree with you that it's not wise to sum them all up in one document, including minor uncollaborated issues, and say "here, if you buy a MacBook Pro, this will all happen to your machine, and oh, your toe will fall off and any fetus within 50 feet of the thing will suffer immediate miscarriage". (Due to a poor Internet connection, I don't know if the article *does* read like that or not - hopefully not - but you get the point.)
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