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Comment on "MacBook Pro is a Solid Machine"
by Scott Stevenson — Jun 26
Very plainly, enough people are having a host of several problems too widely spread to be explained by happening "after purchase"

This is pretty vague so I don't know how to respond succinctly. My main beef here is the way the internet makes certain issues seem. A handful of people have an issue and blog about, the whole internet links to those blogs and then suddenly it looks like there's an epidemic. Please.

There are minor bugs that are widespread, and major issues that are very rare, but I personally can't identify any one issue present in the current machines that is both major and widespread. That's just my perception, and I could be wrong.

The "excessive heat" issue has puzzled me for some time because my PowerBook G4 seems to get just as hot. There are always tradeoffs to make between performance, noise and heat. You may not agree with the decisions but to call them flaws is a big leap. The X1600 clocking comment is particuarly odd to me in the context of the same document that complains about heat.

Due to a poor Internet connection, I don't know if the article *does* read like that

To me, it does, which is what caused me to post this.
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