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Comment on "MacBook Pro is a Solid Machine"
by Jesper — Jun 26
A handful of people have an issue and blog about, the whole internet links to those blogs and then suddenly it looks like there's an epidemic. Please. True: Yes. Not what I was talking about: also yes.

I'm talking about things like "mooing" (where the fan turns on to a high RPM very fast and powers off very fast) and the heat of the machine. Your comment about the PowerBook parallel is correct. However, that doesn't change the amount of thermal grease that's *actually* applied to these things, or reported by instructions in the repair manual.

At the end of the day, I suspect that if you were to look into any support department of any major computer maker, you'd run afoul of many similar issues with most computers. I think the MacBook Pro is fairly pedestrian in its error rate for a first-generation product.

The longwinded point: I'm uneasy with people *seemingly* blowing most problems off as delusions or within the margin, and I think your post very easily could be fit into the "Mac user defends Apple, disregards and discredits user error reports" category, and once people affix that label to you, you know how much they'll believe anything you write. I'm not asking you to stop writing what you write, how you write it - it's refreshing and very often very right, and this case is no exception.
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