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Comment on "MacBook Pro is a Solid Machine"
by Mike — Jun 26
How about some comments from somebody who works for an Apple retailer (not a true Apple store however, just an authorized reseller) ?

Since the MacBook Pros were released, we've seen exactly *one* come back with a problem; a battery that would not charge. We've sold hundreds (literally), and have had zero complaints about whine, bad screens or any such thing. I'm not saying that it doesn't happen, but I'm saying that either Apple is shipping pristine units to Canada (because we're so nice up here), or the reports of MacBook problems are *greatly* exaggerated.

Do they get hot? Yes. So does my G4 Powerbook, although the MacBook Pro does seem a tad warmer. Speaking of other models, let's talk about MacBooks ... they've been flying off the shelves here and we've had none returned due to stains, "mooing", or heat.

Yes, hardware can be flakey, and yes the machines run hotter than before. But as Scott has pointed out and I have experienced, they are overall very solid machines.
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