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Comment on "MacBook Pro is a Solid Machine"
by Andrew — Jun 26
I believe you are right it is a solid machine if and if used the way apple is now describing it as a "notebook" and not a "laptop" then you will have no other issues than the hissing noise, which may be Intel's responsibility to resolve. However, that said, under the pre-conception that it should be used as a laptop, which I'm sure is a pre-conception most have, the machine is too hot to use, I too speak as an owner . Henceforth if you try to remedy this issue to use it as a laptop you may, given that you have the knowledge to do so, pull the laptop apart to find that in fact the thermal compund is rediculously applied in excess. Then upon putting the system back together, and I believe this is not a poor design issue so much as a ignorant technician problem, you may notice that the system bluges in spots. Again it's not meant to be taken apart and doing so voids the warranty (it was just so damn hot I did it anyway and applied a proper amount of Arctic Ceramic). As far as the other issues I feel for the people who had them because it is a $2,000+USD laptop, but I can't speak for those issues as I haven't had them. Once I made the fixes I did though I noticed quite a difference in the usability of my Macbook Pro and I love my Apple LAPTOP. Here's to hopeing you never see any further issues with your machine, like the others from the list. -Blank
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