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Comment on "MacBook Pro is a Solid Machine"
by Ben — Jun 26
Out of interest at work here we've had four (4) new Dell Inspiron 6400 (core duo) laptops go out to our support staff and every single one has had a squealy-whine emitting from the device. The squeal is high-pitched and so very very annoying. It's a noise within minutes of listening to would give users a severe headache.

The Dell laptop gets extremely hot, very hot, so very very hot.

The screen has a silly reflective coating over it (a reflective coating so reflective it makes the macbook look like a matte finish) and to the point where the office lights make it hard to see the screen from some angles.

Why have I pointed out some faults I've encounted with a Dell laptop, seeing as they have no relation with the Apple Macbook Pro? Perhaps I will let you think about that one.

These two (2) entirely different companies with different designs, different circuit designs, differing hardware, and a totally different Operating System. Yet they are plagued with problems, some the same and some problems different.

But yet I don't see the animosity for the Dell Inspiron 6400 as the Macbook Pro. Why?

I know there are many reasons why people are up in arms re: faults with Apple goods (high expectations, perhaps rejection from Apple support, perhaps hatred?), but why the directed assult on Apple goods? I mean I've bought a my fair share of goods (and services) and many times been bitterly disappointed but you see me making whole websites against the brand/product? Nope.

On a personal note, I think a lot of people need to grow up and this includes those anti-apple people out there (yes, they exist *sigh*) who may be propagating this propaganda against Apple products/services. And those Apple-loving people who are bitching about Apple, take your complaints to them and not behind their back.
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