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Comment on "MacBook Pro is a Solid Machine"
by skrinak — Jun 26
I have a 17" macbook pro. I waited for the 2nd rev to buy as apple always seems the get the 1st rev wrong.

What's happened here, and for some reason isn't mentioned at all, is that macbooks and apple in general is more popular than ever. The heat of the macbook is no different than my g4, but how many pc users had a powerbook a year ago? Very few of course. Now it's almost the default developer's machine.

Here's my beef with the new machine (also not mentioned). You can't run windows media files or stream windows media on it. This means at least 50% of the video I'm emailed or follow links to do not play.

That's a huge problem and almost no one talks about it.

I rarely watch tv and have gotten used to a routine of catching the daily show and other favorites online. I can't view this on my new macbook pro.

This is obviously a format war but how in the world could apple win this one? It's a pure loss for every macbook owner.

I do have parallels and resort to viewing the media there, but it's not integrated with my email or my usual browsing in firefox. This single problem has gotten me eyeing Kevin Rose's Lenovo.
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