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Comment on "MacBook Pro is a Solid Machine"
by JC Derr — Jun 26
about the thermal paste complaints....

At Mac Geekery, we're currently writing an in depth exposť on claims that the thermal paste is being over-applied is causing the machines to run warmer. While we're not done taking data from all of the machines involved, so far it's looking like this issue is a complete and utter bust.

On the one completed machine, we've found no difference between the factory amount of the factory paste, Apple's technician documented amounts with the Apple provided paste (acquired from a local AASP), sane amounts of Apple's provided paste, or sane amounts of Artic Silver. In fact, we've found that the torqued washers Apple positioned around the board ensure that a uniform, razor thin layer remains diretly on the chip, regardless of amount applied.

The first machine tested showed a net wash, no change. On the second machine we're testing, about halfway through, and there may be a 2 degree difference at the current rate. We're acquiring a 13" MacBook this week to test, as well.
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