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Comment on "MacBook Pro is a Solid Machine"
by Jeremy — Jun 26
quote shrinak -
Here's my beef with the new machine (also not mentioned). You can't run windows media files or stream windows media on it. This means at least 50% of the video I'm emailed or follow links to do not play.

it is true that quicktime cannot play wmv or divx files, but luckily a couple of plugins solve those issues.

i too own a 15.4 in MBP, and after updating the firmware on it, starting having the problem where the machine would just shut off randomly while running on battery, then eventually the battery started to balloon. i called applecare, and they checked the inventory of the local apple store and put a battery on hold for me. i drove over there and picked it up - no questions asked. i couldn't have been in the apple store for more then 5 minutes. if i wanted, they would have shipped me a new battery, but it was getting late on saturday and i'd have to wait until monday to get it. aside from that, i haven't had any problems. the new battery has been working like a charm.

i use the machine in bed at night on my chest reading the web and getting some work in before going to bed. although the machine does get very hot, its never gotten to the point where i was concerned with getting burnt, and i really can't say it gets any hotter then any comparably spec'd machine, although the metal case seems to eminate heat more then a regular old plastic laptop.

id highly recommend this machine to anyone, its been amazing, extremely fast, and very quiet..
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