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Comment on "MacBook Pro is a Solid Machine"
by Anjan — Jun 26
As a owner of two Powerbook G4s (15" and 17") and a MacBook Pro (15", 2GHz, 2GB RAM). I completely agree with Scott. Its not that the machine does not have issues. But it is miniscule compared to how many units have been shipped. As a percentage, it is a much smaller number compared to other manufacturers.

My MacBook Pro has had the whining problem but that went away after the firmware update. The heat issue didn't bother me since I'm used to heat from PowerBook G4, Dell Latitude, IBM ThinkPad, and Sony Vaio. However, I could notice that it was a little hotter than the older PowerBooks. After the firmware update, it runs cooler and is certainly not a problem anymore.

In a way its a compliment that even isolated problems in Apple products get so much attention - shows how consumers except Apple products to be flawless. From another perspective its also annoying that some others would take these correctible glitches to hyperbole how these products are supposedly crashing and burning.
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