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Comment on "MacBook Pro is a Solid Machine"
by ssp — Jun 27
What's so bad about naming and shaming poor engineering?

As Apple (and other companies) are in denial about weaknesses of their designs or manufacturing, they won't list the common or even rare problems with the machines. Instead they'll declare those problems to be 'within spec' later on. So someone has to document how far reaching their mysterious 'spec' is. This helps other people to make a more informed decision when buying the machine and to gauge the risk of running into problems which normal people wouldn't consider to be expected behaviour of an expensive high tech product.

If a friend asked you about how well your computer works and is built and plans to get one himself, wouldn't you make sure to list all the problems you ran into to make sure your friend doesn't run into the trouble of having to return the machine or run through the hassle known as 'customer service'? Particularly with 'customer service' being unwilling to help, in denial or incompetent with many of the problems? I would for sure (particularly for Apple products as I've been burned badly by their customer service in the past and I don't want to recommend anything like that to friends).
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