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Comment on "Wired on Steve and Bill's Social Status"
by ivey duke — Jun 30
You know i see a lot of people hurting out there sick and even dying from cancer every day.My wife works with people every week and she feels sad for them,she worries about strangers all the time.A lot of these people are young and there are older people too.My own mother has had brest cancer and also kidney cancer,she just came out of the hospital they think she has cancer in the brain,I will know that in the next few weeks i hope they are wrong. I would love to do something nice for her at least make the rest of her life confortable but it takes money to do that.It would be nice if some money was donated to some people out there that realy need help.29 billion dollars i cant even imagine that it takes what a thousand million for 1 billion dollars.That would make a thousand million aires just think that could help 1000 people to help the sick at there own homes there own family or even others they know.people like me and others cant even help our own loved ones because lack of funds.If i were to take everything i own and will ever own and had every penny saved i would never even be a millionaire and there are people all over america like that.It seems that if money was donated in that amount it could be spread out to help the sick enjoy what few days they have left,and the homeless people which i am taking care of two at this time. cancer,aids,copd,heart blockage,starving people here in the U.S. The fortunate out there i am happy for you.But most i have met are very greedy people and if they lived to be 10,000 years old they couldnt spend there money.Anyway i would like to thank you for your donation and would like to let you know that god will see what you have done. And you are one in a billion with passion thank you.I dont know anyone with aids but i thank you for the people who do and i hope that some day people like you will help people with cancer.And the poor ,hungry,heart and kidney ailments.THANKS AGAIN YOUR REAL!!!!
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