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Comment on "Complexity is Too Expensive"
by Kyle S. — Jul 10
I totally agree. I switched from Linux/Windows to OSX/Windows for my two main computers. Upon buying the PowerBook I dropped Linux like a bad habit because it did virtually everything I needed out of my Linux machine and it did it without the hassle of getting it running. OS X just worked. Sad to say my Windows machine went POOF, so now I'm down to just a PowerBook and I'm looking at buying a new "Mac Pro" or whatever they'll call the PowerMac replacement when it ships, or even just an iMac.

Linux worked great once I got it configured. But you always had to update software, update the kernel when a new version came out, etc etc etc. Almost all of the time it involved some form of user intervention. On the Mac it's a few button clicks and a 30 second restart later usually. Works for me and I have plenty of time to do other more enjoyable activities.

Great post.
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