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Comment on "Complexity is Too Expensive"
by James Cunningham — Jul 10
I switched from Linux - Fedora, Debian, then Ubuntu - full time for a number of months before I bought my Mac; the experience was less than fun. Near the end of it I began to migrate back to Windows with Cygwin, which was a portion of the impetus behind buying the Mac in the first place, I suppose.

X11 kinda sucks: slow, bulky, annoying. I cannot use a notebook without suspend-to-ram, and - hell - suspend-to-disk didn't work often enough that it was unusable for me anyway. These things take time to work around. And for what?

I can back up iCal in iCalendar. I can save my mail in mbox or plain text format. I don't use iTunes metadata very much. I don't have thousands of gigabytes of raw video lying around that I'll almost certainly have no need to look at. This whole debate seems to me like a tempest in a teapot - I can't think of any part of OS X that could keep me from my data, if I had the foresight to protect it in the first place.

As for Exposť on X11, pick your poison:

Gnome: skippy
KDE: Komposť

But unless you have a decent video card fully supported in Linux, I wouldn't even bother.
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