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Comment on "Complexity is Too Expensive"
by MJ — Jul 11
The thing that frames this for me is that LONGTIME Mac users switch to Linux. I don't know much about these guys individually but remarking on a possible trend of Mac users switching to Linux.

ten years ago this would have been near unbelievable but it's possible to say that OSX has provided many UNIX-phobes with a semi-comfortable transition period to one of the "light" Linuxen. uBuntu and it's even-more-fun sibling, Edubuntu are certainly the leading lights out there - taking up the torch where, IMO, Corel Linux really shone.

Maybe Mac Os X is therefore a victim of it's own success. If you believe the hype.

The reason this is news is because it seems incredible, ie, hard to believe. Haven't we been hearing about Linux uptake being incredible yadda yadda?

Goes to show that nothing really changes.
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