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Comment on "Complexity is Too Expensive"
by Boyan — Jul 12
Great post, I couldn't agree more. Finaly someone to stand up and say "good luck, but I don't care". Internet is like a huge echo-machine, something once said almost becomes universal truth.

I can accept Pilgrim's arguments, but not necessarily agree with them. I am a programmer, but I don't care if software I use at home comes with source-code, I surely will never have a free time to (God forbid) dig through other people's code to "fix" it. Whoever says different is either lying, have never programmed more than "Hello World" before, has too much spare time, or all of the above. But I do agree on necessity for open data formats though, it becomes incredibly important in today's software climate.

I do run WinXP, Ubuntu and MacOSX (at the same time mostly on several boxes) and there is really nothing there in Ubuntu to deserve such a hype. Partial "user-friendliness" in Ubuntu (till you try to install 3D support for your graphics card) has a long way to go before Gnome replaces MacOSX as my favourite OS.
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