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Comment on "Complexity is Too Expensive"
by Weldon — Jul 19
Mark seems to be a "hammer looking for a nail" to paraphrase Maslow. If he were an auto mechanic, he might build his car each morning before going into work and then tear it down when he returned home each night...

As part of my transition off of Windows to some flavor of Unix back in 2004, I had to three basic requirements for these *nixes: (1) overall stability of the OS, (2) strong networking and internet capability, and (3) user interface that was consistent across the board and that I didn't have to tweak excessively to get it to 'look right'.

I researched the various Linux (and BSDs) distros but found that they could meet (1) and (2) of my require but neither KDE or Gnome could really meet (3). Then after talking to a long time (20+ years) Mac-using friend of mine who explained to me that OSX was now *nix based and having watching him demo various standard apps, I knew immediately that Mac OS X was for me.

Two years on now and I have only one PC (down from seven in 2004) and now have a Powerbook G4, iBook G4 (the wife's), MacBook Pro, miniMac G4 and PowerMac G5. I use my Powerbook/MacBook Pro more on a daily basis than I ever did my PCs or laptops.
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