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Comment on "What Would a 2006 Leopard Mean to Vista?"
by John Joyce — Jul 23
Gestural? gimmicky. Leave that to Nintendo Wii for gaming.
Seriously, you'd get physically tired from too much of it, not to mention if it was required, it would provide serious accessibility issues.

Voice recognition? Same thing. It isn't Star Trek. Computers are simply not in our lifetimes likely to understand the fuzzy logic and vague implicit information found in real human speech. We can't even convey most of it in writing!
English in particular is a linguistic nightmare for computers. Japanese would be a much more intelligible language for computers, but even then...

based on media reports over the last few weeks, mind share is booming!!
Vista is late and anticipated to be a dog on all but the most extreme machines, so a lot of folks buying the budget PC will be disappointed at best by having few of the hyped features (eyecandy and toys) available to them.

Here in Tokyo, the macbooks are selling well. Apple has long had its largest market share in Japan, but there are scads who are waiting for Leopard and/or the PowerMac tower replacements.
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