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Comment on "Mobile Phone Buying Experience"
by Uli Kusterer — Jul 28
Well, have you ever thought about the phone bill they'd have if they had real, working, connected phones in their shops? There are always people who'd abuse this as a free way to call the wife and say they'll be late for dinner, etc.

Here in Germany, if you go to a T-Mobile shop, you can usually ask the clerk to take the phone out of the vice so you can better try it. Can't you do that in the US? Of course you run the risk of him trying to up-sell you while he's watching that you don't swipe the phone, but...

Oh, and any reason you didn't try Nokia phones? My experience says they're kinda the Mac among cell phones: Pretty good usability. Has that changed with newer models? Don't they sell suitable phones for the US? Just curious.
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