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Comment on "Mobile Phone Buying Experience"
by Ben — Jul 28
Here in Australia, and my experience it's the same deal. Phones clamped down with the only indication as to what you are buying based on appearance. It's so difficult to assess the true features of a phone, such as adding into the Address Book or making a call. very strange indeed.

Good call Uli on Nokia phones. Once the god of all phone brands but now mixed amoung the fray. After moving to a Sony Ericsson from a Nokia, I am once again back to Nokia on the 6280.

What a great phone, and yes I would liken the Nokia UI and design thoughts to that of Apple. They are simple, inuitive, and look great.

Nokia get it.

They keep it simple, their UIs take you where you want to go quick and easy. And it's the little things that make Nokia phone the best out there. Here's a great examle:

Once upon a time every work-night I would set the phone alarm to chime the next morning at 6:30am so i might get to work on time. Sound easy? Well yes it was. But here's a great feature where some engineer at Nokia asked, "How can I make this easier?"

And you know what? They did! I tell my phone to only chime the alarm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and it does automatically. Weekday in-and-out my phone wakes me up all by itself. I've never been into the alarm section again, but I know I will when I finally get holidays. lol.

BTW it syncs with iSync just beautiful.

Anyway you are commited now, and like Uli I don't know what phones are on offer in the US. But all i can say is buying phones is one scarey process, and in some ways I am glad i have a 24 month contract as I don't need to look at another "new" phone for a while.
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