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Comment on "MacBook Pro is a Solid Machine"
by andrew — Jul 28
yes I notice that it definitely seems to run hot in windows. I wouldn't say it gets noticeably hotter than when os x is running at full load, but it does seem to be as hot as it gets even while idling in windows.

as for all of your macbook pro horror stories. here's one for ye all!

I got my macbook pro 17" two weeks ago.

two days ago, it DIED. the logic board went kaput and I rather suddenly had a shiny paper weight on my hands. I brought it into my local Apple retailer though, and inside of 3 hours they had me a new laptop with my ram upgrade and a complete migration of my files (except my windows files GRR)

anyway, i'm back up and running no worse for wear.

i like the machine personally, but even if I didn't I'd probably have to justify the purchase to myself somehow.
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