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Comment on "Mobile Phone Buying Experience"
by Rob IdM — Jul 30
I went from SmartPhone (iMate SP3i) to Nokia (6330) and now I own a SonyEricsson M600i. From a hw design perspective this seem to be the Apple phone, especially because of its white, iPod-like, version. All my decisions were largely made from a design perspective (maybe I should have opted for the B&O/Samsung Serene) and not so much on UI and reception functionality.
The UI of the SE M600i (based on Symbian 9.1 and UIQ 3.0) is nice but sometimes inconsistent. I still think, Palm had, and maybe still has the best UI for phone/PDA. However the current device itself (Treo 650/700P) is clunky. If only Steve would announce an Apple phone. It's about time....
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