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Comment on "WWDC 2006: The Gender Imbalance"
by kristof — Aug 10
Away with political correctness and the blunt truth: a disproportional amount of badly dressed overweight white male folks, that's what I think. But isn't it always like that in computer science? I have never minded before, and never will. If sexy young well dressed women are willing to come develop I'd be more than willing to help them out with any problems they might have, of course. If not, I'm happy coding here in my corner and I will chat up women in any of the many nice bars there are here in SF.

I think, as an aside, that the WebKit team is probably an exception is down to the fact that web development has come a long way from web design, where things needed to be nice and pretty looking rather than geeky and high-tech. That probably attracts more women?

Has it occurred, by the way, to anyone that there is a disproportional amount of colored people among the staff?
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