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Comment on "WWDC 2006: Judging from the Back Row"
by ssp — Aug 10
I think the problem about the keynote we saw was that it triggered two kinds of reactions:

One is people saying that of course nobody should expect any new iPods or other toys there because it's WWDC. So things are aimed at developers.

The other is people saying that the WWDC keynote is just a keynote and we shouldn't expect to learn anything other than PR dribble from it.

I'd side with the first kind of people, but this year the keynote looked pretty much like the second kind of people were right. While I don't doubt that Apple used the time to do something, it just wasn't visible in the presentation. 8 of the 10 points they presented didn't look like big changes. (If Apple had been better prepared it might have been just 6, but still) Not even worthwhile tweaks, but more like eye-candy only stuff. Of course that can't be it.

But in the past Apple managed to communicate what they were working at - giving at least a direction even for things that weren't finished yet. And I didn't see that happen this time around.
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