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Comment on "WWDC 2006: Judging from the Back Row"
by Julian Bennett Holmes — Aug 10
Scott, I totally agree.

I think that people, especially those who just watch the QuickTime Video and aren't there in person, forget what the purpose of the WWDC keynote is.

They expect it to be pretty much just like the Macworld keynote, and forget that it's aimed at developers.

Core Animation is a huge deal to a lot of developers, but to the end user, most people will either totally ignore this feature, or pass it off as minor.

To combat this issue (and it should be combated many people were dissapointed in the WWDC keynote; exemplifying this, Apple's stock dropped a great deal that day), I think that Apple should either stop offering the keynote via QuickTime, or offer it only to registered ADC members.

If Apple plays down the WWDC keynote to consumers, maybe people won't be so dissapointed next time.
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