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Comment on "WWDC 2006: Judging from the Back Row"
by Bill Coleman — Aug 11
Scott, you are dead one.

I also thought that the journalist from Wired was completely off-base with his criticism of the keynote. Although I'm just a wannabe this year, watching the keynote over the internet, it seemed a like a good, solid and interesting presentation, with lots of interesting stuff.

From any other company, products like the Mac Pro or Xserve would have been sufficient to have journalists writing praising pieces. But not from Apple. Nope, I'm afraid we've gotten too jaundiced and expect every SteveNote to completely rock our universe.

As it was, the hardware, although completely expected, was a welcome announcement and would have made the Keynote worthy.

The Leopard demo was also interesting. Some of the items were a curiousity to me, such as the text to speech -- ok, that's cool. But at least two items gave me the "damn, I could really use that!" reaction -- Space and Time Machine.

And the Keynote didn't even really cover the news about XCode 3 and Objective-C 2.0, although they were briefly mentioned. I think Obj-C 2.0 is really huge news (at least, what I've been able to gather from the public information) and they should have had that as the "one more thing" in the WWDC keynote.

Bottom line, Good Keynote, Bad Journalist.
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