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Comment on "WWDC 2006: The Gender Imbalance"
by Scott Stevenson — Aug 11
Shame on you Scott

Well, I respect the opinions here, but I certainly don't feel shame about it because it was never an intention in my words to do harm. I think this is a hot enough issue that it's easy to misread things.

People use terms in different ways, and to me the term "girls" is in no way demeaning or belittling. Maybe this is more common in the place I live? I rarely use the term "men" either, so there's that.

I clearly need to post a follow-up because a lot of people missed the spirit of the post here. I thought if I called a computer "sensual" and referred to "future generations" of Cocoa programmers, it would be clear it was just a goofy thing I typed between sessions, but I guess the format here makes that a bit hard to see. In any case, I never expected it to be such a big deal.
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