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Comment on "WWDC 2006: The Gender Imbalance"
by Adrian Cooke — Aug 11
This is an interesting post Scott and it's commendable that you've stuck with it since you clearly didn't expect the reactions you are getting and you obviously didn't intend anything disrespectful. Personally I'm not too surprised: I agree with the comments and insights by Daniel Jalkut and Paul Collins. Mike Lee, who thinks it's all simply a matter of educational preference, does not seem to take the concept of prejudice seriously (or women generally for that matter). I think the main reason people reacted to your use of the terms "girl" and "attractive" is that those descriptive categories should be immaterial to the participation of women in computing conferences. Of course they are relevant to a discussion amongst hetero men about opportunities to meet women socially, but then you called your post "WWDC 2006: The Gender Imbalance," rather than HOWTO make the perfect fruit salad and get laid. That's why I agree with Daniel that it was primarily a communication problem. But good on you for answering to your critics. Enjoy the rest of the conference. I wish I was there.
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