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Comment on "WWDC 2006: Judging from the Back Row"
by Blain — Aug 11
I think this is also a case of the Dvorak Effect (Unsurprisingly, I'm not the first to use that phrase) of trolling to get page hits. That said, I think Jobs was fully aware of what the result was going to be, and the controversy will be good for Apple in the long run. (What? No floppy disk drive?)

You know as well as I do that the Leopard/Vista clash will be fought on PR battlegrounds in an 'Stars are all in alignment' fashion. MS is going to do a big push, probably more than XP had. XP came out around 10.1, and much has changed. By January, there will be a few intel systems aged enough for second generation systems to come out. No surprises here.

I'd even wager that there will be a strategic iPod release in the fall to keep MS distracted on Zune. I'd also wager that much disinformation will be done to keep PowerPage et al. guessing. Okay, it's less a wager and more a comedic hope.

"Coming to Leopard! We're going back to 10.0 Cheetah's pinstripes! You heard it here!"
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